Celebrating 11 years in the business from 2006-2017 Pawedding has extended it’s offers on packages for a limited time only till October 2018. Wow! where have those years gone, just seems like yesterday when we won our business award for best “business start up” with business initiative now (The Chambers of Commerce.At that time in 2006 things were very different in our trade than they are today. For a start there was only about a dozen know professional wedding photographers in the area at that time & yes most advertised in the Yellow pages with well established studios. Then in 2008 the recession hit all, causing many to restructure there business plans, luckily we pulled through with much needed support from our links with the chamber of commerce, which in turn helped us to shape the business we have today. And now lets move forward to 2016 where we now have unlimited advertising on the internet, with many “so called weekend photographers” setting up without any proven track record, devaluing our trade & causing great concerns to the honest & real gifted photographers of today. So please try & support the professional.
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  1. To celebrate our 11 years in business, Paweddings will by offering it’s clients discounts on package deals this summer with savings of up to £510 for a limited time only. Again I would like to thank all our clients for making this possible, as we look forward to another ten years serving the wedding photography industry.

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